In the fields of infrastructure and construction projects, several projects have been developed, taking into account the available resources and time frames to provide a comprehensive solution, in addition by representing multinational companies we are able to access the latest technologies (not available domestically) to obtain optimal results that meet the needs and demands of our customers, providing the reliability of a sound investment and increasing the quality of our service.

In terms of the consulting arena we have developed projects dealing with expert survey work and resolution of public works controversy, as well as Technical and Administrative verifications for optimizing financial yields of different contracts requiring the proper implementation of regulations, technical audits of the quality of work performed and economic valuation. Representation of foreign Companies wishing to engage in Mexican projects.

• Representation of multinational Companies seeking to participate in Mexican projects.
• Analysis and administration of contracts for public works.
• Management of claims that identify changes in the contracted work due to variations in scope.
• Supervision, Management, Development, and monitoring of work sites.
• Specialized technical consulting services for project analysis and revisions.
• Expert Survey work and revisions of technical-legal controversy in public works contracts.
• Expert third-party consulting services for the resolution of controversy conveyed by the contracted companies towards their contractors.